Through all my life i've tormented everyone with my pictures. First in Russia. Then in France. And today in China. I also get into playing with words besides paints now. 
My blog in Russian:

Chinese Europe
I think, for many of us it's not a secret, that at last time Chinese are copying all possible western brands. Sometimes they copy whole towns.

In Shanghai you can visit Chinese Holland, Italy, Germany, England or Scandinavia by subway. I've already visited "England" and "Scandinavia".
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Unfortunately, there is no absolutely time to write something directly to the blog now. While, I will periodically quote the text, which I prepare for installation at the exhibition in Novosibirsk + pictures.


We met with Dina in Shanghai, long time before the beginning of "Exchange in kind", at the opening of my curatorial project “Petit”. I didn't know yet, that I stay in this city and live here. At that time I planned to stay in Beijing for one year (every time I thank the destiny that I came back to Shanghai). We exchanged phone numbers, and after two months she called me, when I’ve just only moved to my new crib.

Our "Exchange in kind", began not with portraits. She periodically came to me to pull a couple of books from the shelf, and put there hers. I had lots of books – two big boxes I got as a result of wholesale "Exchange in kind", with my neighbor Alina who move away to Israel. I even had an idea to make a small library for compatriots – because literature in Russian is a luxury.

Inside of project we changed many times. From Dina I’ve got big decorative candles, which we still set a fire on all our parties; jeans which I still wear; and I don’t speak about numerous of drinks/have a snack.

Dina is charming, always laughing and sociable girl. But she has one unpleasant thing in her behavior. Sometimes she calls me to report that she will swing by to me. Twenty minutes we discussing by phone that firstly she will drop in one place and take something there, than in another, than she will do something, and after all this stuff, she finally come to me Just a couple of times will clarify how best to get there, if she is there and not here.. In ten minutes after our discussion about all essential and not essential details, Dina calls me back once again to report that she has a headache / not in mood / she is reading very interesting book and is not able to come anyway.

When I’ve just wrote it, she calls me and all according to the scenario – we talk, we discuss details. Told me that she is getting under way, asked to order a pizza. Here I am, waiting. We’ll see:)

Exchange in kind

Translated from Russian by nadusha-plusha

Made in China

As mentioned in the book, my Chinese translator Liu Gang and his girlfriend Juan Wen accompanied me everywhere. One day, Juan asked if she could try to copy one of my paintings. She and Liu had studied arts at the same University. Juan explained to me that she wanted to try to pick up my style through replicating my work. I didn't mind. The next day they bought a couple of dozens of blank canvases and a box of paints.

As soon as I took a painting off the easel they would start copying it. Frankly saying, I thought that I could paint quickly. However, my chinese friends painted much faster. At some point I realised that they didn't really care about picking up my style. I tried to help with techniques and details but they weren't paying much attention, instead continuing to replicate the painting with the most absurd mistakes. Once I noticed that Juan was copying Liu's copy of my picture...

Honestly, I was worried they might offer their reproductions to my clients as an inexpensive alternative. What they did looked nothing more than a hilarious copy, but it seems they understood this. I asked my Chinese friends, why they were copying my work? Liu explained that it was as a gift to relatieves. And indeed, when the exhibition ended, they ordered the same frame that I had and gave the pictures to their parents. Later Liu offered me a new form of collaboration; they make multiple copies, I correct the errors, sign my name and sell their work, sharing the profits. Then everyone would be happy. I thanked him but declined. Although, as I understand it, this is how many artists work in China.

Russian to pseudocode by Max. P
seudocode to English by Lauren.

Come in and take off your clothes
Once Rose came to me to "The Natural Exchange" and brought some cookies. She told me that she is from Indonesia, but she has already lived in Shanghai for six years.

The girl said that she likes my project a lot, but she would like not just a portrait. Again butterfly? I thought for some reason. No, Rose wanted that I drew her without clothes, and she was going to present drawing to her boyfriend.

– OK, I hope the boyfriend will not come the next day with other surprise … Come in and take off your clothes.

Sometimes I feel like a doctor who takes patients :)


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The butterfly
Often beautiful young girls will come to take part in "In Kind Exchange", regularly bringing a friend. Svetlana came with Andrei. They had learned about the project on the Internet. We weren't familiar before. They came in the evening with a watermelon, two bags of groceries and a few bottles of rice wine. Immediately Svetlana asked permission to clean her teeth and got a new packet of toothbrushes. She explained that she had not had time to do this in the morning.

We went to the patio and made supper. Andrei told that me that he lives in Russia but comes to China several times a year on business. Svetlana was in China because of Andrei's business, but she remained in Shanghai when he went back to Russia. She didn't like Shanghai; she would like go to Paris. She had been there once and had decided that the best people in the world live in Paris.

I said I could start a portrait, and Svetlana asked:

- A portrait means part of the body?

I became a little puzzled.

- “Usually a portrait is a drawing of the face”, I said.

- “Tell him about the butterfly”, Andrei interrupted.
- “Wait”, said Sveta. “Sergei what if it was a drawing of a leg or an arm? Would it be a portrait?"

- “If you desire, it is possible to call a portrait anything you want...”

- “Please tell me, can you draw a portrait that is not of a person?”

These strange questions began to bother me, and I told her I could draw her anything she wanted, but that within "In Kind Exchange" I only did portraits of people. And if she wanted something special, it was possible, but she would have to pay money for this.

Svetlana was a little upset and became silent. But in a minute she started talking again:

- “Can you draw the butterfly?”

- “Butterfly?”
- “I have a second face. From one side I am a human and from the other I am a butterfly”.

She rose, unbuttoned her shorts, lowered them a little, and turned back to me with Andrei. I saw her other face;

The guests
Today I have new guests. I am afraid they liked here

The fastest test to define a psychotype
Recently, I passed the test. I don't know how it works, but I like it a lot!

Anton (anton71) replied to your comment in Live Journal post in which you said:
On principle didn't check your blog. So
Your element is time. The past is
learning, classification, procedure, analysis, collecting. The future is to take the right decision by intuition when there is no time to think and break into a better future. In general this is a type of genius such as Pushkin :)
This genius directed to the visual. The desire for beauty creation. Design, dance, art, love, you name it. Everything can be nice, even a computer network.

In Kind Exchange
A year ago I didn't know almost anybody in Shanghai. I had almost nothing in the apartment I rent. Minimal set of furniture. No pillows, no dishes, no bed covers.

Instead, I had a Russian neighbour Alina. But she was already packing things for her flight to Israel. I had come to her for tea and saw an easel. I said I could buy it. This would've been convenient - no need to puzzle about how to carry it from the shop (I didn't speak Chinese at all). Alina said that an easel is very valuable for her as memory. It was a gift from friends. But to bring it to Israel difficult and expensive. Then I suggested to change the gift on gift. I make a picture and change it on the easel. Alina agreed because she liked my works. Then she offered me plates, frying pans, iron, ironing board, bicycle, microwave oven and a few boxes with books.

Then I gave ​​the announcement on Russian Shanghai forum. I said I am ready to draw portraits and exchange them on useful for home things. A few weeks later I had a few dozen of new friends and everything that is necessary for everyday life.

Фото: © Heshegto Dansarunov, 2011

Фото: © Rosa Chen, 2011

Фото: © Rosa Chen, 2011



The natural exchange is an art project. The main principle is an interactive communication between the artist and audience. The artist donated his work to anyone who wants in return on object chosen by participant within a given topic by the author.

The object passed as a gift to the artist

The artist chooses a few key themes and you can choose the object for exchange within its frameworks. The author chooses themes which are depending on his life circumstances. All object should have practical usage. By giving in return a utilitarian object, the viewer confirms the importance of art that has no utilitarian value.

At the same time the spectator himself acts like a co-author, expressing his understanding of the subject by choosen the object. All the objects are photographed.

The first theme at the beggining of the project is "The house". The participant is offered to bring one of the object needed in the house, one of the essential elements of home comfort. This way when the artist moved to another country where he knew no one, and rented an empty apartment, a few weeks after the start of the project, he got all the necessary things for life, and got new acquaintances. The theme "The House" is still relevant and implemented in Shanghai. A collection of objects has included dozens of items from candles and cups to furniture and household appliances.

"The Road" is a topic relevant in the journey. In its framework the participant is invited to think about the things needed in the road trip. During the actions of "The natural exchange" held in Voronezh and St. Petersburg, the author has collected about one hundred objects which are filled up the travel bag from the compass and salt to clothing and mobile phone.

"For kids" the theme was realised first time in Shanghai jointly with the Shanghai charity association The Library Project. The participants are asked to bring children's books for the exchange, which were subsequently transferred by the association to orphanages and schools in provincial China. In one action has been collected 103 books.

The work that is transferred to the participant as a gift

The participant will receive a complimentary portrait of him own that makes the artist at the meeting. This is a quick graphic ink drawing on paper. Creating of one portrait takes from 5 to 10 minutes. The artist draws of each participant 3 or 4 portraits, after the participant was given the opportunity to choose which he preferred. The rest remain at the disposal of the artist and graphics are included in the monumental installation "The Wall of Faces", which further demonstrates on the exhibitions, confirming the importance of each participant.

A week ago I started blogging. In LJ I haven't knew almost anybody yet. I almost haven't had subscribers. But I have wonderful neighbors;) So the 4th theme of "The natural exchange" is "The Letters"

I am drawing portraits in exchange on letters. 1 portrait on 100 comments in this LJ or 10 links on (1 comment=10 links) or a few nice posts in your blog.

I will drawing on skype, from photo, from real - as you wish. The portrait made on a distance I will sent in the form of scans or photos in high resolution. The original can be obtained later, in person, if you will someday visit me or I will visit you.

Pictures. Attachment to The Unfinished Book
I wanted to show this in the first exhibition in China:


And I had to do this: 


Who didn't get what is going on check the the book, please.


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